Business Owners, Your HR Is OVERLOADED With Unproductive Task
That You Didn’t Know They Need To Do Daily

  • You keep hiring people for HR Department but it seems like they are still the same busy 24/7 with ENDLESS task.
  • Newly hired HR also want to quit. Old employees also not motivated. Is all this also HR fault?
  • With high recruitment costs and high turnover of talents, the company loses way more than just one or two days of business!

These problems should be solved by human resources. Why hired so many HR but HR department still in a mess?

Manually calculate OT for every employees

Filing for leave application and company's claim
Employee keep asking HR for salary advance and leave status
HR reprint Pay Slip that employee lost/faded ink
Manage Every Employee's KPI
And many more ONE by ONE manual task to do

In Malaysia, the value and workload of HR is seriously underestimated by SME companies. They not only responsible for daily task such as: filing, sending payroll, posting memo, approving employees' leave applications, etc.,

But also responsible for recruiting people, calculating wages, calculating OT, and handling employee disputes. Not only that, HR is expected to perform 3 department task (HR + Account + Admin).

And these tedious and repetitive tasks are a waste of HR's energy and time. In the long run, HR will leave/change jobs one after another...

Business owner should realize the importance of HR in the company as soon as possible, and find ways to eliminate those "unproductive" jobs that consume energy and time, so that HR has more time to help the company recruit talents, retain talents, and improve employee’s performance!

In the end, business owner can see the real company’s performance or profit potential and let the company operate automatically!

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An Application That Helps HR In Unproductive & Boring Task

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Face Recognition Clock In And Out

Employees only need to open the HrMudah app on their mobile phones, and then point their faces to the camera to take a selfie. After the system successfully recognizes the employees' faces, they will check in successfully.

  • Easy to integrate & use by all employee. Simply take out their smartphones and scan the face, the app will monitor attendance accurately in no time.

  • High security and accuracy – No more “buddy punching”, employees must scan their faces in order to record attendance.

  • Takes barely 4 seconds to recognize your face and log attendance in the payroll system. No long queue for clock-in & out!

  • Face recognition technology does not requires any physical contact with user, which provides a very hygiene & safe working environment during the covid-19 pandemic.

  • Can choose either to use company's Wifi IP address or GPS location (Can set GPS range of 20m - 200m) to clock in / out and validate employee's location.

  • Set custom allowed OT timing for certain or all employees. Auto calculate employee's total OT time for easier payroll calculation.

  • Custom set holidays date for auto OT calculation and clock In/Out purposes.


Digital Leave Application

HR can approve more quickly, employees can check application status anytime and anywhere, and save paper.

  • Eliminate paperwork, save the cost of paper and HR can be able to get rid of the daunting task of documentation.

  • Employees just need to fill out an application form in app, which automatically directs their HOD and HR to approve or reject with a single click.

  • Improve internal communication, employee skips the need for keep asking HR if the request is approved.

  • Employees will be able to find out their leave balance as well as all the past leave application records.

  • Create different leave type and save it into groups for easy and flexible categorize employee's leave entitlement for different employees.

  • Auto deduct employee's annual leave / MC days after leave application is approved.

Salary Advance Request

HR approves advance salary requests more efficiently, makes it easier for employees to check the status of applications, and avoids employees’ overdraft of salary.

  • Allow employee have an instant access to earned salary. They get as they earned, no more over-borrowing.

  • Clean and simple interface for both the HR and employees. Apply and approve salary advance with no fuss.

  • HR able to trace back history from system easily and hence, deduct the repayment accordingly at the payday.

  • HR can remove the redundancy of keeping record in book which may lead to disorganized records and human error.

  • Auto calculate total amount that can be requested for salary advance, while rejecting employee's salary advance request that are more than what they had already earned till today.

  • Limit number of salary advance request that can be made per staff a week.

  • Limit to only 80% of total wages earned by staff to be requested for salary advance. Another 20% will be the portion for month end salary and SOCSO.

  • Flexible to set different daily wages to different staffs.


Digital PaySlip

HR no longer needs to distribute payroll face-to-face, avoid the hassle of reprinting due to fading handwriting, and employees can view it at any time.

  • Payslips are accessible for employees from any smartphones 365 days, 24/7.

  • Employees will not request for another payslip again if they lose it.

  • HR can save more time and improve efficiency with the elimination of printed payslips.

  • Company able to reduce the consumption rate of paper & ink and in turn, save more operating cost.

  • HR can upload previous payslips for providing employees an easily accessible record of their salary history.

  • Send salary slip and EA form privately to employee’s personal HrMudah account as salary slip is private and confidential information.

Staff Management

Boss and management can view employee's information anytime and anywhere.

  • Add or delete employee profile from database for onboarding & offboarding.

  • Update user profile, Fill in each employee’s personal particular, department, designation, leaves entitlement, unpaid deduction, as well as OT rate.

  • Head of Department and HR can view every employee’s skills so they can delegate the right tasks to the right people.

  • HR also able to edit the job description of employees, ensure they’re thoroughly understand their job responsibilities and perform accordingly.

  • Clear organizational structure so that everybody knows who to report to, who is their superior and subordinates, and help superior better manage subordinates.


Company Dashboard

Send notifications quickly and efficiently. Publish company announcements at one time, allowing employees to be updated on the latest news.

  • Make important or urgent announcement to all employees at once.

  • Employees can check out current and historical announcements easily without skipping any important ones.

  • New employees will be able to get to know all the important events quickly.

  • Post announcement to ALL department at once or only to a specific department.

  • Set person of approval to approve the announcement before it goes live.

Performance Management

Giving KPI, goals, plans, and progress reports through HrMudah.

  • Have a better sense of what have been achieved in the company and subordinates.

  • Manage employee data such as goals and tasks, evaluation criteria and worker's performance history.

  • Easily track their employee's progress and performance.

  • No worries about forgetting about employee's own goals because this app will keep reminding us to achieve it.


Company Claims

For employees to easily make company claims without burdening HR workload and ease the process of claims.

  • Directly & easily submit company claim from employee’s own phone, anytime, any day.

  • Company claim will be sent to admin account for easy process.

  • Admins have options to approve or reject the company claims request.

  • Relieves the HR personnel from lots of manual work in claim department.

  • Check history and the total amount claimed monthly, so staff can know how much he/she had claimed to avoid over claim.

  • Claims can be sorted by custom categories for better arrangements and records.

Exclusive Messenger

Messenger that only your employees can access that includes all employee's HrMudah messenger contacts.

  • Private and confidential chat logs that admins can’t even view.

  • Encourage stronger bonds between colleagues and a good corporate culture.

  • Directly communicate to anyone within the company without needing their contact information.

  • Employees have direct communication with higher management staffs and even the boss.

  • Your business feels high tech and high class using a private, internal staffs only messengers.


Whistle Blower

Employees of your company can report any activity that needs attention from upper management.

  • Allows your employees to report misconduct, sexual harassment, and physical abuse.

  • Messages will send straight to admin account without needing to key in who to send to.

  • A safe space where you can report any misconduct or reward someone for doing something honourable without the threat of retaliation.

  • You now have multiple amount of “CCTV” as your employees can report anything via whistle blowers.

  • Employee now have the power to take down the biggest offenders of your company. No longer will your superiors be allowed to make payoffs of the highest monetary value in order to keep those who make mistakes or do work ethic wrongs a secret.

Payroll Friendly (Add-On)

Allows HrMudah to import and export data to your payroll system for quicker and more accurate payroll calculation.

  • Save HR time from manually key in employee’s payroll data.

  • Supports majority of payroll systems.

  • Reduce data errors by using export and import instead of direct integration.

  • HR able to double check the information before plugging in the data into payroll system.

  • Avoid your company from suffering losses due to wrong input data to payroll system.

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Try HrMudah Now With Our Demo Account!
Phone Number: 1003  I  Password: 1003#demo

Available On Google Play  Available on apple   HrMudah Web Client

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